Sunflowers, Calendar and Rambling

August 02, 2021  •  1 Comment

Sunflower 4Sunflower 4 I went to see the sunflowers last week at Dix park and took a few photos. It was a fun quick little trip. I had never taken any photos of a sunflower before so it was definitely interesting. 

The past year and a half has been really slow for me photography wise so I scaled back my subscription to the host of this page. I am debating on whether to keep it or maybe move to a different host. I do get a few visitors here but my domain names stays with me so no matter where I am hosting things at I can still use the same domain. Still undecided as to what to do, but will definitely decide within this next month. 

Last year a lot of people asked about a calendar but I didn't create one because of the short time frame I had once I decided I might try it. Well I am going to try it again this year, just not for sure how much interest there would be in one. They would definitely have to be pre-ordered in advance, the expense of having them printed is something I can't really afford to do. In a few weeks I will have things put together so that I can show what will be in the calendar. Also debating on the size of the calendar as well. Most are 8.5 x 11 but there are 12x18's out there. I want to keep it one size though. Leave your thoughts in the comments if you have any. 

My daughter starts college in a week and a half, band camp will be underway. I really hope that this surge in virus cases goes down quickly. I want this year to be a better year for the band for sure. I am not getting into any answers about the virus, I just want it to go away. 

If you are not following me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter look for the social icons and do so, I would appreciate it. You can also follow me on the buy me a coffee page. I recently created that because it doesn't cost anything and if I leave this platform here I will have a place to ramble at. Even though my ramblings have been far and few between lately. In reality I have spent about 90% of the past 15 years alone unless my daughter is with me or I am around her. You get use to not saying much that is for sure. I use to take a lot more landscape and sunset photos than what I do, it was my way of escaping these walls I look at a lot, but the pandemic definitely kept me inside a lot more than I wanted to be. I really need to be out everyday photographing something, that is what makes me happy. One day I am going to go back and write some stories about the photos I have captured over the past few years. Most has a story to be told with them, the same story basically, but looking back I realize that it is definitely not a bad story. Even though at the time it seemed so. Maybe I can put some thoughts of mine into the calendar? 

Have a great week ahead everyone! 


I would definitely be interested in one of your calendars if it's not too terribly expensive. I would like the smaller of the two size options. Hope you get enough interest in it so your
idea will be realised. Hope you're posting this on FB too as there may be a lot of interest
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