Definitely a hail storm

April 13, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Black and White Hail StormBlack and White Hail Storm I have said this a thousand times but I still can't figure out why I am always chasing storms considering the fear I have always had of them. But, if one is approaching I am usually out watching it. This was a beautiful storm to watch. It built up over top of me a few miles to the west of where I was standing when I captured this image. Since it was hailing pretty heavily I chose to stay behind it. The streaks you see coming from the clouds is definitely streaks of hail falling from the sky. This storm covered the ground with hail. I feel that the black and white does it more justice than the color version. 

Print sales are non existent for me lately so I am trying not to chase storms, sunsets, or landscapes as much as I use to. Facebook restricts what I post so much that no one really sees what I post anyway. Like someone told me a while back, it is basically a waste of time and money to do such things. A different approach is definitely needed but I haven't exactly figured that part out just yet. I know who isn't going to purchase prints and I know how not to reach people, I just have to figure out who will and how to. I know there is no magic trick to it though. most of the time things happen by pure luck. Even though I am writing this down though the next time a storm passes through I am sure I will be right out there watching it. 

My niece is getting married in a little over a week so after that I will definitely have some wedding photos to share. I definitely don't get to photograph people as much as I would like to but it is fun when I do. Weddings are always a fun place to be at anyway, everyone is always so happy there, at least at the ones I have been to. 

I hope everyone is doing alright, looks like spring is finally here to stay. Have a great day and night everyone!  



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