Who decided it had no value?

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Abandoned built in 1800'sAbandoned built in 1800's I wonder why this church wasn't kept up over the years? There is a newer church a few yards away but this little church could have been used for something I am sure. Maybe a small wedding venue. There are plenty of photographers and artist that could probably put this place to good use as well. Just thoughts running through my head about what could have been. 

I often wonder about a lot of things, sometimes I wonder way too much and find myself wandering around in circles. Wandering is a good thing though, you can find some beautiful things wandering about. I need to do more of that with my camera. I have done very little the first few months of this year. 

Back to the church, sorry about wandering about. At some point I guess people felt like it had no value and just let it be. The walls, roof, floor, etc had no choice in it so nature is taking it back. People often do that to humans as well, set people aside like they have no value. But, we can choose not to allow that to happen. If we walk around thinking that others are more valuable than we are then they always will be. We don't have to have the attitude that we are better than others, but putting ourselves on an equal platform is very important. Trust me, others do enough as it is to de-value people, don't let them do it. 

Changing the subject a bit, has any of you ever watch the series Heartland on Netflix? I had never watched it until a few months ago. Since then I have watched 13 seasons of it. It has a lot to do with Horses and although I don't own one I have always loved them. I love photographing them as well, I just don't know of where many of them are. They are amazing animals that is for sure. The show if filmed in Alberta Canada on a ranch there. Never been to Canada but if I ever go I would like to visit that area for sure. 

I had 80 people read my last blog post, or at least read the title to it. I do want to get more people to visit this page. Writing blog post is about the only way to do that. There are a lot of things I want to do, just can't figure out exactly how to do them. Main thing is I want to take a lot more photos than what I have been doing. It will happen for sure. Well that is about all I have to say for now. Have a great day/night everyone! If you need photos taken feel free to contact me. 


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