A short path into the fog

October 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Foggy Trail, October 2021Foggy Trail, October 2021 Took a short trip to the North Carolina mountains this weekend. It was extremely foggy early Saturday morning so I was looking for something a little different to photograph. I found this path going through the woods so I captured an image of it. I was going to walk down it a ways but being nearly deaf that is something I don't do alone and I was alone as always on this trip. I need to get me a hearing dog one day to go with me. 

I added a few more photos to the mountains gallery. Prices for prints are dirt cheap so click on the photo posted here and it will take you to the gallery so you can purchase as many as you like. That's my sales pitch for the month so I will leave it at that. 

Sometimes I am in places where I can see as far as I can see, but can't find a path to get there. There are other times that I can see only what's in front of me, there may be a path, but who knows where it goes. Not knowing either way leaves me only one choice, that is to have faith in everything I do because I can't see the outcome either way, whether it is in the distance or right before my eyes. That is in regards to a lot of different situations in life, including the work I do with a camera. 

I was in a hurry on this trip, something I don't like to do. I felt like no matter where I was at, I had to hurry up and see what I could see and go some place else. I knew most of my day was filled spending time with my daughter and watching her and the band perform. Once I got there I didn't feel as rushed. I don't like rushing at all. 

Have a great week everyone! I hope that where ever you are that you find beauty and peace, that is something we all need. 


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