It's 2021

January 01, 2021  •  1 Comment

Snow black and whiteSnow black and white I was probably quieter on social media during 2020 than I have been in many years. I definitely captured less photos than years past. Thankful for the ones I were able to capture for sure. I want this year to be a great year for everyone. I want to photographs lots of people, events, landscapes and other things. I want to see smiles again, snow flakes fall, sunsets and sunrises that light up the sky with color. I want to see people loving each other and caring for each other instead of arguing over politics. I want people to realize that good is always greater than evil and that he who created us wants us to live in harmony with each other instead of agony. I want to sell many prints, reach many people with my work. I want to take photos for fun and because it is what I love to do. I want to be happy, be positive, be faithful to God, be humble, be wise, be calm, BE. 

I want to write more as well in the future. It is something I really like doing. Mainly because people don't want me to talk when I am around them. Since I can't hear what they have to say, what I have to say isn't important. Writing helps me express my thoughts just a little though. Photography is always my first choice of expressing them though, I don't have to hear well or speak when taking photos. I am not as bad at communicating as it sounds though, most people don't have the extra time to look at me and speak clearly when they talk. 

I want this virus to be go away for everyone, sooner than later. I want some type of normal back. I want the worry to ease up just a little for everyone. I want everyone's dreams to come true as well. 

It looks like I want a lot of things, maybe so, anything is possible though. And, you may never know unless you ask. Ask, seek, find, believe, faith, trust, gratitude, love, Kindness. Just a few of the words I plan on using a lot in 2021. Make it a great year everyone! 


Mary Frances Illinski(non-registered)
Beautiful words, beautifully written.Very uplifting. I hope and pray this year and the coming years will be peaceful,free from fear.
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