Just Rambling before Christmas

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Mayo Lake in the SnowMayo Lake in the Snow The chances of seeing a white Christmas where I live at are very slim, but there is always a chance. I can remember snow flakes and a ice storm, but never one that was white. Our snow usually happens between late January and April. It snowed so much in March back in the 80's that it was May before what was pilled up in parking lots melted. I love the snow no matter what time of year we get it. It wouldn't bother me if it snowed in July, although some summer lovers would have a fit if it did. Snow reminds me of Christmas even though it never snows on Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas, it is only a few days away. This year has been a very difficult time for most of the people across the globe. This pandemic that no one really knows anything about has many people scared, many angry, many sick and dying and many that don't know what to think. I believe it will end one day, I believe that somehow there is a reason for this happening, I believe that through all the bad, something good will come from this as well. Although I understand that mask are needed, I also believe God is looking out for us as well. 

Do you make Christmas wishes? Children often have their list of toys, games, etc that they want and are not too shy about telling people what's on it. As an adult though, do we stop believing, asking for things? Are you wishes kept silently hidden in your mind somewhere? I keep a wish list written down all year long. I write down the things I need and want and cross them off as they happen. It is also called a prayer list as well because I write down my prayers as well. My prayers and wishes are basically the same thing. You would really be surprised at the things I have prayed for and wished for that actually happened. So I really believe in writing them down, just like kids write letters to Santa. I get that from the Bible, ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and a door shall be opened. We all need something to help us on this journey we are on. 

I want to see lots of smiles, that is on my wish list. Smiles are contagious just like this virus is. With all the mask having to be worn we can't see those smiles anymore. Everyone has a blank face, and that spreads as well and gets us all down. I look forward to the day when everyone is smiling again. I want to do my part at making others happy as well. Even if it is just a simple word of kindness, it is better than nothing. 

Well I finally wrote a post and didn't delete it. So I think I will go ahead and post this. I am good at writing ten paragraphs and then hitting the delete button. Maybe if I would give people a chance to read what I write they would come back? Maybe I should write that down as well. Have a great day/night everyone. Stay safe during the holiday and if nothing else, just be kind to people. Maybe I will be back with another post before Christmas, I might even write a Christmas story, who knows. 


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