Dwayne Reaves - Photographer: Blog https://www.dwaynereaves.com/blog en-us (C) Dwayne Reaves - Photographer (Dwayne Reaves - Photographer) Thu, 21 Jan 2021 01:25:00 GMT Thu, 21 Jan 2021 01:25:00 GMT https://www.dwaynereaves.com/img/s/v-12/u794985210-o873693997-50.jpg Dwayne Reaves - Photographer: Blog https://www.dwaynereaves.com/blog 120 120 My blog is just my thoughts https://www.dwaynereaves.com/blog/2021/1/my-blog-is-just-my-thoughts Winter SkyWinter Sky An hour or so before I captured this image there was some Thundersnow here in the small town that I live in. It didn't stay around for long and I definitely didn't hear it myself. Just trying to give you some sense as to how much the skies were changing that day. I rarely wear my hearing aids when I am out in nature, especially if it is wet weather. So that means unless it has the sound of a jet engine right beside me I most likely will not hear it. Thunder really isn't as loud as it seems I guess, I rarely hear it unless I can see the flash from the lightning strike. Which usually means I am too close to begin with. Just something I thought I would share with you.

Lately things have been like this empty cow pasture, nothing or no one around. It seems that although I am alive, I have sort of forgotten how to actually live. I need a reason to charge all my batteries I guess you could say, make sure all my lights work and filters are clean. Until then I will just wait things out. Change is on the horizon I believe. This blog here isn't some kind of professional tutorial about photography, it is just the random thoughts of a guy with a camera in his hand. Some may sound more interesting than others, some may make no sense at all. 

Feel free to contact me for any of your photography needs. Have a great day/night.

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Winter Railroad! https://www.dwaynereaves.com/blog/2021/1/winter-railroad Railroad 1-16-2021Railroad 1-16-2021 I would say take a walk down a railroad but that is too dangerous to do, especially when you can't hear well like myself. This track is rarely used and I can see in both directions for a good distance. Plus the train can't go but so fast going through here, there is only a few more miles of track behind me. Up ahead there is a big curve and a split as well. I have walked these tracks many times in my younger years though. It was very peaceful watching the sky on the day I captured this image. It was constantly changing and showing its beauty. 

Maybe I will be able to take some people photos, snow photos, or something in the future so that I can post more. This pandemic has kept my camera fairly still the past year. I am happier when I can use it often. Pandemics can teach you a lot of lessons though, especially about people, words, actions, etc. Social distancing can make you feel like you don't even exist as well. For me it has really been aggravating to say the least. Things will get better though, and I am looking forward to that. 

Have a great day/night everyone, buy some prints, leave a comment and say hello, smile, be nice to people! 


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It's 2021 https://www.dwaynereaves.com/blog/2021/1/its-2021 Snow black and whiteSnow black and white I was probably quieter on social media during 2020 than I have been in many years. I definitely captured less photos than years past. Thankful for the ones I were able to capture for sure. I want this year to be a great year for everyone. I want to photographs lots of people, events, landscapes and other things. I want to see smiles again, snow flakes fall, sunsets and sunrises that light up the sky with color. I want to see people loving each other and caring for each other instead of arguing over politics. I want people to realize that good is always greater than evil and that he who created us wants us to live in harmony with each other instead of agony. I want to sell many prints, reach many people with my work. I want to take photos for fun and because it is what I love to do. I want to be happy, be positive, be faithful to God, be humble, be wise, be calm, BE. 

I want to write more as well in the future. It is something I really like doing. Mainly because people don't want me to talk when I am around them. Since I can't hear what they have to say, what I have to say isn't important. Writing helps me express my thoughts just a little though. Photography is always my first choice of expressing them though, I don't have to hear well or speak when taking photos. I am not as bad at communicating as it sounds though, most people don't have the extra time to look at me and speak clearly when they talk. 

I want this virus to be go away for everyone, sooner than later. I want some type of normal back. I want the worry to ease up just a little for everyone. I want everyone's dreams to come true as well. 

It looks like I want a lot of things, maybe so, anything is possible though. And, you may never know unless you ask. Ask, seek, find, believe, faith, trust, gratitude, love, Kindness. Just a few of the words I plan on using a lot in 2021. Make it a great year everyone! 

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Just Rambling before Christmas https://www.dwaynereaves.com/blog/2020/12/just-rambling-before-christmas Mayo Lake in the SnowMayo Lake in the Snow The chances of seeing a white Christmas where I live at are very slim, but there is always a chance. I can remember snow flakes and a ice storm, but never one that was white. Our snow usually happens between late January and April. It snowed so much in March back in the 80's that it was May before what was pilled up in parking lots melted. I love the snow no matter what time of year we get it. It wouldn't bother me if it snowed in July, although some summer lovers would have a fit if it did. Snow reminds me of Christmas even though it never snows on Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas, it is only a few days away. This year has been a very difficult time for most of the people across the globe. This pandemic that no one really knows anything about has many people scared, many angry, many sick and dying and many that don't know what to think. I believe it will end one day, I believe that somehow there is a reason for this happening, I believe that through all the bad, something good will come from this as well. Although I understand that mask are needed, I also believe God is looking out for us as well. 

Do you make Christmas wishes? Children often have their list of toys, games, etc that they want and are not too shy about telling people what's on it. As an adult though, do we stop believing, asking for things? Are you wishes kept silently hidden in your mind somewhere? I keep a wish list written down all year long. I write down the things I need and want and cross them off as they happen. It is also called a prayer list as well because I write down my prayers as well. My prayers and wishes are basically the same thing. You would really be surprised at the things I have prayed for and wished for that actually happened. So I really believe in writing them down, just like kids write letters to Santa. I get that from the Bible, ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and a door shall be opened. We all need something to help us on this journey we are on. 

I want to see lots of smiles, that is on my wish list. Smiles are contagious just like this virus is. With all the mask having to be worn we can't see those smiles anymore. Everyone has a blank face, and that spreads as well and gets us all down. I look forward to the day when everyone is smiling again. I want to do my part at making others happy as well. Even if it is just a simple word of kindness, it is better than nothing. 

Well I finally wrote a post and didn't delete it. So I think I will go ahead and post this. I am good at writing ten paragraphs and then hitting the delete button. Maybe if I would give people a chance to read what I write they would come back? Maybe I should write that down as well. Have a great day/night everyone. Stay safe during the holiday and if nothing else, just be kind to people. Maybe I will be back with another post before Christmas, I might even write a Christmas story, who knows. 

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My favorite mountain photo of 2020 https://www.dwaynereaves.com/blog/2020/12/my-favorite-mountain-photo-of-2020 Fall 2020 SunsetFall 2020 Sunset Thankful for all the beautiful views I have seen this past year. Thankful for all of you that have purchased prints, the ones I was able to photograph, the encouragement and kindness from many! It hasn't been a typical year, but I am thankful to still be making my way through it. I believe that when the time is right better things are in store. 

This photo I have attached is my favorite photo of the mountains I captured this year. Just when you think the clouds are gonna take away the sunset, a burst of light comes through.

Over the  remaining days of this year I will post a few more of my favorite photos of the year here.  Looking back, I am really thankful for what I have seen and photographed. 

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Moonrise at North Topsail Beach https://www.dwaynereaves.com/blog/2020/11/moonrise-at-north-topsail-beach Full Moon at North Topsail BeachFull Moon at North Topsail Beach I just happened to be at the beach for a few hours and got to see the moon rising over the ocean. Nothing I have not seen before but I actually had a camera with me to photograph it. I decided to add it to my landscape gallery. I was doing a photoshoot for a friend using the sunset at the beach as a backdrop, I was lucky and had the moon rising on the other end of the beach to use as well. The shoot went very well. If you would like to purchase a print just click on the image. 



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The mountains and me https://www.dwaynereaves.com/blog/2020/10/the-mountains-and-me A perfect combinationA perfect combination I have always loved the mountains even though I have never lived there. It has always been a dream of mine to have a cabin sitting on top of one. It is just something about how I feel when I am there that makes them different from anywhere else I go. 

I was 18 years old before I ever saw the ocean. The water and waves are amazingly beautiful. The power of the ocean amazes me, but after a few moments there I am ready to leave. When I am in the mountains it is completely different, yet I never get to spend more than a day or so there. I never want to leave though. 

Although their beauty shines brightly in the fall the mountains are beautiful year round. Whether covered with snow, trees with no leaves on them or a green summer sunset, they are truly amazing. 

I wrote a poem many years ago to someone while standing on a mountain. It started like this. "High upon a Hill I stand, Just staring at this wonderland. Looking out as far as I can see, at what God has given you and me. I have no worries, I have nothing to do. Just a breathtaking sight of a sky so blue. I Often wonder if people understand, why God created this wonderland? Well, I think I do, he put it here for me and you" That was how I felt about the mountains more than twenty years ago, I still feel the same way. 

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Listening to the silence https://www.dwaynereaves.com/blog/2020/10/listening-to-the-silence PeacePeace Silence, I can hear it, and the silence hears me, for I am silent as well. It is often the only thing worth listening to these days and the only thing worth writing about, for I have nothing to say. 

For every landscape photo I capture there is usually a thought behind it, or a reason I am standing where I am standing. I wasn't searching for anything but answers inside my mind, but something else grabbed my attention, and I photographed it. My photos don't sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars like others are able to do. They don't tell a story that others can understand, and the thoughts I had while there are not explainable. My reason for being there was different when I got there than it was when I left. Somewhere in between those times a dream silently passed through my mind, then faded away with the darkness, only for me to dream another day. For a few moments though I found the world to be perfect, perfectly silent, perfectly still, perfect to be photographed, so I did. 



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