How I photograph fireworks


Photographing fireworks can often be disappointing for those who wish to capture the moment. I had a lot of practice when I was young doing this with a film camera, digital just made it a lot easier. First thing to do is find you a location where there will be minimal lights in the foreground or background. Locally our fireworks are set off on the baseball field at the local high school so I use the school basically as the foreground. Have a good tripod and a remote if possible. Set your focus manually, make sure all stabilization is turned off as well as turning off the auto focus. I don't always lock up my mirror but if you have a SLR instead of a mirrorless camera you may want to consider that. If I am not using a remote my images are captured via self timer. I set my self timer to capture as many consecutive photos in a row as possible, that keeps me from having to touch the camera. 

Some people have different settings when it comes to what they prefer. I use a iso of 200, f/18 and a 20 second exposure as a base point. I may go up or down a stop or two but it is usually in that range. And the attached photo is usually my result. This was with a 24-70 sigma art lens set at 24mm. 

That is how I do things, others may do it differently. Have fun and hope you get some great images. Happy 4th of July! If I take any I will definitely post them. 


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