Chasing Sunsets

I haven't had a chance to chase a lot of sunsets lately, the words starving artist actually have a meaning to a lot of us, but this is one I captured last week. I love it when the sunset has a little drama with it. I have given up on selling a NFT or prints of anything, after two years of only selling one print a year I am just going to let things be. I have one landscape gallery created, gonna create a portfolio gallery and the rest will just be client galleries that will be private. The stress of not selling any prints, even though I basically give them away has taken away from desire to even want to get out and take a photo. Something has to change and I think my approach has been more negative than anything else lately. I know it sounds completely opposite but doing less doesn't necessarily mean I am giving up, just making a change. 

I have a few weddings to photograph in the next few months as well as some senior and graduation photos. I am looking forward to the warmer weather for sure for that reason. Other wise I am still hoping for one big snowfall. Yes, I love the snow. 

I need a project that will help draw the interest of others. People are really tired of the same old sunset and landscape photos. My creativeness is completely gone though, I am at a standstill.

Anyway, here is a link to my landscape gallery I am working on. Have a great day/night everyone. 



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