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 Welcome everyone!  I hope today is a good day for you. I am Dwayne, a guy with a camera that loves using it to photograph just about anything. Whether I am in the mountains, at the beach or somewhere in between I can assure you I am doing what I love to do. That is what life is all about right? Most of what you see me post is landscape photography, but I photograph a lot more. Feel free to contact me about any of your photography needs, if I can't do it I will be the first to tell you. Pricing will be listed under the pricing tab at the top of the page once I have everything sorted out here. You can also find galleries of different types of photography under the galleries tab. Client galleries will not be accessible without a password. Most other galleries will be open to the public.  Disclosure: I am a hard of hearing/deaf photographer that uses hearing aids to assist with my hearing. Communication is not a problem unless others make it a problem. Remember though, I am a photogra

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